The gas at the bottom! The plate in the carpet! In Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, it goes away! The nocturnal race may not be entirely legal, but win you are most penny yours!

Drive Multiplier Mayhem 1With Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

NetEnt gives us a fast-paced 5-reel, three-row slot With 15 fixed pay lines. We are in a big city, it is night and we jump in the car to in the dark competition to brittle against a bunch of fellas with foam up sight. With Multiplier Wilds and a little Nitro, you’ll constantly increase your speed towards the big win. The tanks quickly wander to the American film series The Fast and the Furious. This means fast cars and illegally arranged street races that can result in fast money.Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Are you thinking now that driving games are not for you? Does screaming tires, growling motors and burnt rubber seem a bit too for just men? Don’t you fit into environments that stink of gasoline, testosterone and maybe some well sexist jargon? Don’t worry. Even if you happen to belong to the fair sex, you are relegated here not to any trophy, which next to the course is tight after the hero who is currently sitting in the fastest car. No, here you are driving. The hero of the game is a heroine who, during the free spins rounds, competes against three snooty fellas. Help her win!

The four characters appear as symbols on the reels. We see the grinding Twitch, the cigar-smoking Hamaki, a brusque bruiser and of course the red-haired heroin Jette and her car. The other symbols are numbers and letters (the playing card designations 10, J, Q, K and A), a scatter symbol, a nitro symbol (only during the free Spins rounds) and the truly wild Multiplier Wilds.

Design & Graphics

Drive Multiplayer mayhem playing field during the base game, the background of the game plan depicts a big city with skyscrapers. It’s just after nightfall and all the distant lights sparkle softly as little bright spots out of focus. At ground level, some of them are sideways and thus give the impression of traffic. On the left under the playing field, we see Jette’s car. It’s black with pink touches and depending on the online casino you’re betting on, keep an extra eye on it; It happens that it is adorned by the casino logo itself.

The numbers and letters of the symbols go completely according to the theme of polished, chrome-shining metal, while each character has a clear and easily recognizable personality. Notice that the three guys are spinning out on hexagonal backgrounds, while the Jette symbol is round. The animations on the reels are appealing and help to create a nice game feeling of sitting on a truly well-oiled and smeared machinery. It flashes and glitters and spins you up a bigger win pushing Jette on the throttle and the urban landscape begins to be touched behind her car. However, this is still nothing compared to the action that will come in the free spins rounds, when the nightly street race actually starts!


You race driving in the city night. The Street race may not be completely official and legal, but it goes away and wins you are the money yours instantly!


Drive Multiplier Mayhem Wildt here are especially two things that make the Drive: Multiplier Wild so fun: The Free spins rounds and the wild symbol! The wild symbol is a Multiplier Wild and consists of a round speedometer (or tachometer, if you want to see it so). Keep track of which wheel you’re spinning it on. How wild it actually gets depends on where it pops up!

If you spin it up on the first reel, the gauge has not yet risen and the symbol simply replaces all other symbols except the scatter and nitro symbol. Of course, this is already a reason to be happy, but if you spin it to the right of the first reel you can be even happier – the happier the farther to the right! It is not called “Multiplier Wild” for no reason. On reel Two, it multiplies your winnings by 2, on reels three by 3, on reels four by 4 and on reel five with 5. If you spin up multiple Multiplier Wild symbols, the corresponding multipliers are multiplied!

Bonus rounds, Free Spins & Scatters

The Scatter symbol depicts the silhouettes of the three guys in front of the lamps of a car. It is swimming on reels 2, 3 and 4 and you get three of them starting the street race! Jette’s car is gas away and during 10 or more free spins we see the playing field through her front window. On the left, we constantly see the opponent’s car and before us the silhouette of the now more distant city is visible.Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

During street race’s free spins, Multiplier Wilds are transformed into overlapping wilds placed randomly on the reels. In addition, you can now find nitro symbols (three yellow arrows on a red, hexagonal background). To the left of the playing field, you’ll also see a new gauge and each time you collect a nitro symbol, it rises. You will soon notice how there are four main modes on it. Every mode you achieve means that one of the three guys challenges you to a race.

The first level, which includes the initial ten free spins, involves a race against Twitch. The second level gives you during a race against Hamaki four extra spins and an extra overlapping wild. During level three you compete against Bruiser and get three extra free spins and two overlapping wilds. Level four then means two extra spins and three wilds during a race against the Bruiser.

Music & Audio

You can hardly complain about music and sound in Drive: Multiplier Mayhem. Both do exactly what they should. The music is a kind of synth-based rock track, with grinding basses, heavy drums and dramatic effects. It speeds up a bit in the free spins rounds. The majority of the sound effects consist unsurprisingly of growling motors and screaming tires. For example, each time you press the spin button, you’ll hear Jette press the throttle. If you press again to stop the reels prematurely while they are spinning, the sound is heard by a slowdown.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem RTP

Drive Multiplier Mayhem Winnetent entered the game’s RTP value as 96.70%.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Free Spins

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Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Bonus

Soar into Jette’s car against the big win with a yummy bonus in the back seat! It sounds good? Check out the latest offers on our bonus page.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Tips

Would you like to try out the fun free spins round, but don’t want to wager any money to get to it? Play for fun money first. And you’ll see if it’s not worth getting there with the help of a small bet as well.

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